Ofertas PhD España

IRB Barcelona PhD Programme fellowships

A total of 4 doctoral fellowships offered to carry out research with one of the group leaders at IRB Barcelona.

Employer: Institute for Research in Biomedicine
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Expires: 30th May 2014

Full offer in PDF

Ayudante de Investigación Predoctoral para el Grupo de Genética Humana

El Grupo de Genética Humana, dentro del Programa de Genética del Cáncer Humano del CNIO, solicita candidatos para cubrir una plaza de Ayudante de Investigación Predoctoral.

Se ofrece:

– La oportunidad de formar parte de un Centro Europeo de Excelencia en Investigación Oncológica.
– Salario competitivo.
– Contrato laboral asociado a proyecto.

Employer: CNIO (Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas
Location: Madrid, España

Requisitos y solicitud aquí

PhD positions in Biomedical Optics

Cataract is the opacification of the crystalline lens of the human eye. It is usually related with age and is one of the leading causes of blindness. The increase in light scatter in the lens reduces the contrast in the retinal images severely degrading vision. The current solution is to perform surgery to remove the natural lens that is substituted by an artificial intraocular lens. This is a successful procedure restoring good quality of vision in most patients. However, in many situations it would be incredible advantageous to actually “see” through a cataractous eye. The optics of the eye is affected by two factors: aberrations and scatter. In the last decade, correcting optical aberrations in the eye was accomplished by using adaptive optics techniques. This permitted to obtain high resolution images of the retina and also to improve vision. Within this project, spatial and temporal advanced photonics techniques for imaging through the turbid media of the cataractous eye will be used. We envision two direct applications of this technology: a dedicated fundus camera to register images of the retina in patients affected by cataracts and a novel type of opto-electronics spectacles restoring some vision in cataract patients.

Employer: Universidad de Murcia
Location: Murcia, Spain

Expires: 30th June 2014


GAEN (Group of Advanced Electron Nanoscopy) PhD Scholarship

We have a PhD Scholarship available in GAeN group at ICMAB to work in the following topic:
Study of the structure and chemistry at the atomic scale correlated to the physical properties at the nanoscale by advanced Electron Nanoscopy in low-dimensional nano and quantum structures (nanowires, quantum dots and nanoparticles) for energy and sensing applications.

Employer: ICMAB (Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona)
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Expires: 1st June 2014

Website of the group

Link to the offer


PhD positions at the department of Information and Communication Technologies

Students will pursue doctoral studies in one of the research areas of the department which include, among others:

-Cognition, computation, and robotics

-Image processing and computer vision

-Human-computer interaction, graphics, and educational technologies

-Computational neuroscience

-Instrumentation and biomedical signals

-Computational imaging and computational physiology

-Analysis of biomedical data

Employer: Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Deadline: 28th June 2014


PhD Position Nanotechnology

Surface Enhance Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy is a powerful technique Which Allows ultrasensitive detection down to single molecule levels. The production of Effective and highly active SERS substrates is based on the concentration of the electromagnetic field (hot spots) created by plasmonic nanoparticles. The task of the student will be the development of new types of nanoparticles for SERS detection codified.

Location: Tarragona, Spain

Deadline: 31st May 2014

More info

Predoctoral positions in Neuroscience

Students will contribute to one of the following projects:
1) Study of mechanisms underlying disrupted synaptic signaling and homeostasis in Huntington´s disease.
2) Study of glutamate receptor developmental regulation in neural circuit remodelling and memory, with an emphasis in dissecting the underlying gene expression programs, their behavioural correlates and links to brain disease

Employer: CIMA/Universidad de Navarra
Department: Cellular Neurobiology Lab
Location: Pamplona, Spain
Duration: 4 years

Deadline: 24th June 2014

Información completa aquí

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