Ice Bucket – or what has become throwing a bucket of water over the head

It leaves me astonished the number of people that I have facebook throwing “Ice buckets” on their head …

I wish I had taken pictures of one of the toilets that I found in a village in Madagascar … A full fly larvae toilet because there was no water for “flushing the toilet”. The only toilet in this tiny village full of children.

I’m not going to say how good or bad, funny or stupid, or useful or useless I find the challenge. I’m just going to say that about 345 million people in Africa have NO access to clean water.

Parasitosis, bacterial infections, unsanitary conditions, drought on crops fields … These and many more are the consequences of water shortages affecting many parts of the world.

Water, liters of water, thousands of people around the world are throwing on top of their head with the excuse of making a donation for the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Probably those who launched this campaign just wanted attention, but did not think about the massive waste that they were promoting. If to make a “good” we have to “make a bad”, in my opinion, the benefit is nil.

Those who wish to contribute their bit for ALS, do it, but instead of throwing a bucket of water / ice in the head, I propose to calculate the price of liters of water they would use, and donate that amount to some of the many organizations working to bring water to the poorest places of the world.

Some examples:

And finally, a video that shows that there are many ways to sensitize people about the world’s problems:

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